Meal Logging FAQ

  1. How does it work?
    Lark's Meal Logging feature is not your typical calorie counter. While most calorie trackers attempt to be precise at the cost of being tedious. We took a unique and simplistic approach to Meal Logging. Lark can obtain a surprisingly comprehensive picture of your diet by simply tracking the type of food you ate. We won't ask you for precise measurements or guilt you if you forgot to log a meal (although, the more you log the better the feedback). We understand that permanent weight loss relies on actual behavior based changes and not just calorie counting and intricate Meal Logging.

  2. Why doesn’t Lark recognize the food that I logged?
    We have an extensive food database which covers a variety of meals and are continuing to add to it. After logging a meal, if Lark gets a food item incorrect, or you feel something is missing from the analysis, a small, grey "i" in a circle icon will appear on the right-hand-side of Lark's interpretation. Tap that symbol and it will send us feedback automatically, so that we can add or modify foods.

  3. How do I track the calories and nutritional content of my meals?
    Lark's Meal Logging feature does not track calories or specific macronutrient information. We feel that in order to stick with a meal logging plan, it needs to be quick and easy. We can squeeze a surprising amount of data from just looking at what you ate and your eating habits. Additionally, you can still use third party nutritional apps to log meals and check out your calories consumed in the Apple Health dashboard.

  4. I logged several types of food, Lark only seems to provide feedback on a couple of them?
    While we make note of all the food that you logged, we will concentrate our conversations on a couple particular items to help spot trends and provide a more focused conversation.

  5. Can I get an overview of all the meals that I logged?
    You can look at your meal history by tapping on the Activity tab and choosing the Food view at the top. We refine the way we help you visualize this information based on your feedback.

  6. Can I use another third party app to log my food?
    Not at the moment. Lark takes a unique approach to meal logging that is not only faster and easier than the typical tracker, but also proven to help you lose weight and keep it off longer. Lark uses well-established behavior change techniques that make it more effective than the leading trackers because it has been shown to change the way you think about your food and eating habits.

  7. What type of diet does Lark's advice follow?
    Lark bases its Meal Logging feedback on the collective knowledge of a panel of Health experts who provide Lark with information backed by the most recent health and nutrition studies. There are many programs, diets, and techniques for losing weight, which have proven health benefits, we try and provide our coaching to support a balanced diet. Lark also works alongside many of these popular weight loss programs and diets.

  8. What if I have a food allergy or specific dietary restrictions?
    It is best to consult your doctor if you have any questions in regards to specific food allergies and dietary restrictions. Lark is a useful tool but our coaching and feedback is limited to a few specific dietary restrictions located at Settings > Customize my coach > Diet Preferences  You may choose one or more of these preferences.

  9. How does Lark work alongside my current weight loss efforts?
    Lark is aimed to create behavioral based changes, it can be a great tool to use alongside any of your current weight loss efforts. Lark can assist with helping you lose weight and create healthier lifestyle habits.

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