Overcounting activity on Android




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    Stacy osborn

    Overactivity. Recording far to many steps.

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    Timothy Mann

    Recoding far too many steps

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    Joe Cargal

    Lark activity reporting too much movement and too many steps before fix. Now fixed but average way too high. Would appreciate the ability to strike the outliers, or start from scratch to preserve accuracy.

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    Orlando Peña

    It registered a long walk while I was driving my Harley on the highway

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    Janne Paananen

    It records running while I have been walking. And that happens almost every day.

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    Rohan Yadav

    Recoding far too many steps.. ezmove.in

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    Brittany Bunker

    Not enough movement

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    Louis Gunnigan

    Lark seems to be recording the correct amount of walking but S Health is only recording approximately one third of the correct amount. As they are linked, went is this happening?

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