Lark for Android frequently asked questions




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    Anthony Shane

    What is null walk?

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    Katrina Harvey

    I walked for over 2 hours and it shows only 78 minutes of activity. Why is that?

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    Brenda Tullock Yaw

    It's not keeping my accurate steps

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    Alexi Miki

    Thank you

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    Michelle L Blosser-Bissell

    Why is my account info and weight progress suddenly missing? I had to re input my gender, birthday, height and weight in again which had been set up since 2015 when I had purchased an S5 galaxy. Now all my weigh in progress is gone. My steps are still there, which confuses me!

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    Meg Evans

    I'd like to record my swimming workouts and obviously the phone can't be clipped to me while I swim my mile

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