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What is Lark?

Lark uses your phone's sensors to track your activity, eating and sleep data, then chats with you to help you improve. Designed with the top behavior change and health experts in the world, Lark works exclusively with iOS 8's HealthKit to analyze all your health data and provide a superior personal experience.


How does Lark work?

Lark works with the low-power sensors in your iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus. Just carry your phone around as you usually do, and Lark will pick up your activity and sleep data automatically. More importantly, Lark interprets all of this data for you and provides realistic, in-the-moment goals and suggestions that fit your lifestyle.


How do I use Lark?

Once you’ve created your account in Lark, just use your phone as usual! Whenever you have your phone on your person, the app will track your activity. Then, before going to bed, you can give your phone a gentle shake before placing it in a safe location. When you wake up and start using it, Lark records how long you’ve been in bed.


Does Lark only work on iOS 8?

At this time, Lark (Lark - Fitness, Diet, and Sleep Tracker + Text Feedback) works exclusively on iOS 8. The more data you share with Lark from your Health app, the more personalized your experience becomes. Additionally, it is recommended to use Lark on an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus to take advantage of the iPhone’s low-power sensors.


Will Lark work in my purse or backpack?

Yes, Lark can still record your activity in a purse or backpack. However, for the most accurate coaching and data, we recommend keeping your phone in your pocket throughout the day.


What data does Lark track?

Out-of-the-box, Lark looks at your activity (running, walking, etc.), sleep, and nutrition data, if you have an iPhone 5s or above. Lark also looks at cycling data only on your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.


Does the app have to be open to track my activity?

Nope! Once you’ve signed into Lark, your activities and exercises will be saved and kept for your records.


Wait a minute… won’t this kill my battery?

Absolutely not! Lark gets its information about you in a very energy-efficient way (through your iPhone’s low-power sensors), so battery life does not have to be a concern for you.


Do I get to set my own goals?

Lark interprets your data and provides personalized goals based on how active you are. So while you won't be able to type it in explicitly, you're actually setting highly realistic goals for yourself just by using the app.


Is lark activity tracker only in English?

lark activity tracker is currently available only in English.


Does Lark use my data to show ads? 


We will continue to focus on providing the best user experience in Lark. Ads are not currently a part of our product, and if we ever do decide to add them to the app, it will not be done without considering the full user experience. We take our customers' opinions very seriously, and will do everything in our power to preserve the product you know and love.

As stated in our privacy policy (and as a standard practice), we do state that we may use data in order to advertise to new customers. Attracting more users benefits everyone using Lark because it allows us to make Lark better over time.

You can read our Privacy Policy here:


How do I delete my account and all data?

If you would like to have your account deleted, which will erase your login and all activity data, please contact us at or submit a support ticket. Make sure you provide the email associated with your account to confirm that we are deleting the correct one.


Something else is wrong!

Please contact our support team at We’re eager to help you!


I have a great idea for what to add next!

Drop us a line at, please. :)


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