Where are my Health, "Workouts", and 3rd party app data?

Depending on the settings in your Health app, Lark, or a 3rd party app, there may be a few places to check and make sure data is flowing properly. But don't worry, you'll be up and running in no time!

1. Health App Permissions

For an in-depth walkthrough of setting up permissions in Apple's Health app, please visit the link below, then come back here to check your other settings.

2. Lark App Settings

To get to your Lark data settings, follow these steps:

- Click on profile icon at the top left hand of your screen

- Click on the "Settings" gear at the top right hand of the screen

- Scroll down and click on "Use data from...". 

- Select the third party app you would like to use


In the example "Use data from..." screenshot, the selected primary data sources for activity tracking and sleep tracking have blue checkmarks on the right-hand side, while "Workouts" data can come from one or more 3rd party sources (+Lark) and are also marked with blue checkmarks.


  • When you change the Sleep Tracking source from Lark to another app, historical data will not import before the time you made the change. Going forward, this data will load seamlessly. If you happen to logout and log back in, data will import for 1 week, or back to the date you made the change in the settings (whichever is shorter).

3. 3rd Party App Settings

If you are having trouble finding or enabling your 3rd party app's HealthKit integration, you should contact that app's support team.

A few apps that work well are:







For a larger list of HealthKit compatible apps or to add one, please visit this link.

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