Why can't I see Lark data in my other health and fitness apps?

Right now, Lark will WRITE the following information into the iOS 8 Health app.


  • Active Energy / Calories (estimation)
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Walking + Running Distance (estimation)
  • Weight
  • Workouts
If the app (or device) you're using connects to the Health app, you can check that it READs data in those fields.
In order to check which data your apps in the Health app have access to:
  1. Open the Health app
  2. Click the Sources (tab)
  3. Choose an app (e.g. lark)
You will see a screen that looks like the screenshot below.
Green toggles indicate that WRITE or READ permissions are enabled for that app.
Grey/White toggles indicate that WRITE or READ permissions are disabled.
If you look at UP by Jawbone's Health app settings in the example below, you can see that permissions for UP to READ "Sleep Analysis" data is enabled. When "Sleep Analysis" is enabled under WRITE for Lark as seen above, UP can include "Sleep Analysis" data from Lark in its charts and graphs.
Now that you have permissions enabled in the configuration you like, it's important to set the priority order of these apps for each data type (e.g Sleep Analysis, Dietary Calories, etc.)
Note: there are no priority settings for 3 data types at this time (Workouts, Systolic Blood Pressure, and Diastolic Blood Pressure).
Since the priority order of Workouts cannot be modified, we will use "Sleep Analysis" as an example below. In order to get to the priority settings:
  1. Open the Health app
  2. Tap the "Health Data" tab
  3. Tap "Sleep" on the list
  4. Tap "Sleep Analysis" on the list
  5. Tap "Share Data" below the graph

You will see two lists of apps. The top list is titled "SHARE DATA WITH:", which are the apps you have granted READ permissions, like in the example above. Below the first list, is the "DATA SOURCES:" list, which are the apps you have granted WRITE permissions.

In the screenshot above, you will notice the fine print at the bottom (outlined in the magenta-colored box), which indicates that when more than one source is available, the apps higher on the list will be given priority when other apps READ this data.

Note: any other apps that WRITE data of any type to the Health app will continue to do so, but if there is overlapping data at the same time, then the apps higher on the list will take priority.

You can edit the priority order by tapping "Edit" in the top right, then swiping the apps on the list up or down so that they match your preferences. You would repeat these instructions for any other data types (e.g. Active Calories, Steps, etc.)

In the example above, if you decide that you want Lark to be your primary source of "Sleep Analysis" data, then you would tap "Edit" and drag Lark from the number 2 position to number 1.


Please note: If there are any particular data fields you would like us to include in a future update (and calculate in conversations with Lark), please let us know by sending an email to
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