My scale is weighing me more (or less) than other scales




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    Hayley Hawksley

    My bodytrace scale is telling me that I'm 5 lbs lighter than 3 other scales I've used (2 others I own at home, all by a window, and one at work). All scales are stored on a flat surface and near a window. Is there a reason why the bodytrace scale is so different?

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    L. Amanda Webster

    Hi, I have stored my scale Standing against a wall for about a week while out of town. Have I damaged the calibration or is there a way to fix it?

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    Devin Destival

    My scale weighed me correctly one time and then I moved it and now it weighs me like 50 pounds less

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    My scale is weighing me close to 5 pounds more than my regular scale. How to fix? It seems to not give someone the benefit of knowing where they really start if it’s so inaccurate

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