How do I order my scale?




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    Jodi Gillaume

    But what if you did that but when you went to out your address in and it stopped working? So you weren't able to submit it.

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    Barbara Stuart

    I have the same problem...


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    It changed my state and can't change it says its ordered.Should be able to correct it??

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    Laura Smith

    Same problem as some of the others. Stopped working when I tried ordering my scales

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    Jane Wheeler Findley

    I was approved but when go to Link all it is is Chat.

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    Becky Bellman

    All I get to is chat, where is the link for the scale?

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    Michael Phillips

    chat not asking for address all

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    Lynn Rosa

    Me too, it took my Insurance info and address then nothing

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    Cam Campbell Jones

    Once it gave me the link and before I could click on it the program shut down and then just now it said click on the link below and there wasn't one. It gets all your information and then nothing, starting to wonder if it's a scam.

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    I tapped the link to order the scale but the state was on Alabama and when I changed it and submitted the order, it never left the 'submitting your order' screen. I don't think it actually submitted anything. So how do I order it?

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    Natalie Fitzgerald

    I'm having the same problem. I changed the state and submitted but it never actually submitted, and I don't know how to get back to ordering it. I also had the same problem with setting my goal and such....I can't get back to that either.

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    Montanna Michaelsen

    Same problem

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    Michael Pacheco

    Said error when giving me the link, so I haven't gotten that far

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    Virginia Macedo

    Every time I click the link, the “Chat” feature comes on but no request to order scale

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    Bryan David

    I agree, so lets fit the problem


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