My data didn't show up on my phone!

This happens when the Lark unit is unable to connect to your phone/mobile device when you turn off your alarm. The best course of action is to try a few steps to reconnect the Lark with your phone, and the data will appear in your history tab. 

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on (go to your phone's "Settings" -> "General" -> Bluetooth and make sure it's on)
  2. Plug the Lark into the stand (check to see that the light is solid red or green), and wait 10 seconds (The bluetooth icon at the upper right should be white, or should flash and then become white).
  3. Open the Lark app. A message should show up saying "Lark is ready!" At that point, your data should be visible in your history tab. 
If that doesn't work, make sure your alarm is not still running (check the "Alarms" tab in the app). If it is, turn it off in the "Alarms" tab. The data should show up shortly. (Data is only collected once the alarm is turned off)

If Lark is still not found, you may be experiencing pairing issues. Please see pairing issues, but note that if you reset your Lark device, your last session's data will be lost. 
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    Joshua Louis

    But, what if you can turn your alarm off with your phone, and it still will not transfer the data?

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    Randy Tan

    I've been able to use my lark for about 2 years now, while the alarm feature still works, I no longer get sleep data. How can I get it to work properly again? Thanks.

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    pat ohara

    Same problem, no response to my email from 'Support' - sleep data was incomplete (3 hours! not 8) for several days, then no data at all. After spending 20 minutes trying to find how to reset the Lark, I am also critical of the 'Support' web layout. A pity, as I am preparing a talk on wearable technology and Lark may become a 'bad example.'

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