My battery doesn’t last the night, even on a full charge!

Upgrading to the latest version of the LARK UP app should fix this problem (see instructions above). If not, please contact support.

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    John fetter

    Mine too.. and if it does it tells me it does not have enough battery to snooze?!

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    Jon Daou

    And mine, and every time I set the alarm on my lark I now have to un-pair then pair it to my phone via bluetooth again.

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    Jenny Quan

    If you continue to have issues with battery, please email so we can try to help solve your problem.

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    Joshua Vaughn

    I am also having these issues. I was only asleep for 5 and a half hours and it still either lost connection or died before I could wake.

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    Larry Person

    sending mail to is useless because nobody responds to that mail

    My Lark does not wake me up.  Despite the fact that I set an alarm and the app on iPhone says "All set ..." Lark does not vibrate at the appointed time.  This has happened intermittently since I got Lark several months ago, and for the last two days in a row.  Yes, I have the latest iPhone app.  This is a real problem, since I would like to depend on Lark to sake me up.  Please help me troubleshoot.

    Thank you.

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    It is happening to me what Larry has described above. Need help!!!!!!!

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    Rachel Hendrix

    Hello - I think that I've had my Lark for over a year now and am wondering how long the battery should last. This morning, the battery was very, very low.

    If I need to buy a new Lark product, I'd like to get the new Lark, hopefully in the pink color... Not sure when that is going to be available. Could you please advise? I've come to rely solely on Lark for my alarm - I don't think we could go back to audio alarms since we're so used to Lark now... Thanks so much for this product -it's been a lifesaver!

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