Pairing: How do I pair the Lark with my iPhone/iPod/iPad?

If you're having trouble and seeing an error message that your Lark is not connected, hit the little 'i' button to be taken to your in-app Connection Guide. This helpful guide will walk you through the pairing process, but just in case, here are some detailed steps as well. 

Note: You only need to pair your device if it does not appear with blue text in your bluetooth device list, or if you are trying to reset the pairing. For basic connection issues, see here

To pair Lark to your iPhone/iPod/iPad:

  1. Plug the wristband into the charging dock and wait for the light to turn solid red (or solid green).
  2. On your iOS device, go to "Settings" (the gearbox icon) and select "General".
  3. Next, select "Bluetooth" from the menu and, if not already on, switch the setting to “on”.
  4. Now unplug the wristband from the dock. The light should start flashing orange. 
    • (Note: if the light does not flash orange, but instead flashes green, reset the LARK by pushing the tip of a paper clip into the hole next to the light. Wait 10 seconds, then proceed)
  5. Select the item labeled "LARK-XXXX" from the list of Bluetooth devices. The status should change to “connected”, and you can now open the LARK UP app.*
    • *Once paired, Lark will disconnect momentarily and then reconnect to verify proper pairing. 
    • Note: Sometimes the name of your Lark device will not appear, and will show as "Misc" instead. Tap the "Misc" device and it should attempt to connect
Troubleshooting your pairing
After following the steps above, if Lark still isn't found in the LARK UP app (message: "Lark not found"), then you should reset the pairing with Lark -- as well as your phone's bluetooth connection -- by following the instructions below. 
  1. Start by going into the Bluetooth setting page (iPhone “Settings” -> “General” -> “Bluetooth”).
  2. Locate your Lark device in the list and press the blue circle to the right of the device listing. (If Lark does not show up in the list, skip to step 4)
  3. Next, select "Forget this Device", and confirm.
  4. Turn off your iPhone/iPod/iPad by holding the "screen lock" button at the top until a red slider appears which says "slide to power off"
  5. Wait 10 seconds
  6. Hold the same button to turn your device back on. 
  7. Once the device has restarted, open the "Settings" app, and go to "general" and then "bluetooth".
  8. Place the Lark in its charger so the light turns solid red or solid green.
  9. Then, remove the Lark from the charging dock. Find a paper clip or a pin and stick it into the small hole next to the light on the Lark. You should feel a slight click, and the light should turn off momentarily. After a few seconds, it should then flash orange. 
  10. Select the item labeled "LARK-XXXX" from the list of Bluetooth devices. The status should change to “connected”
  11. Wait 10 seconds, then open the LARK UP App, and it should find your Lark
If this does not work, please contact us using the button at the top labeled "submit a request", or email us at
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  • Avatar
    Eric Johnson

    Non of these are working for my Lark...any other suggestions before sending it back?

  • Avatar
    Troy Brokenshire

    Same here

  • Avatar
    Ernest Ondrias

    agreed this information is useless......i've reset bluetooth connectivity more in the 2 weeks i've had this POS than I had in 3 yrs of iPhone use.... no issues connecting to car blue toothl Boise bluetooth or Fitbit bluetooth...... just Lark...

  • Avatar
    Jenny Quan

    If you have tried our pairing tips with no luck, it's possible that you have a defective unit on your hands. Please email with your information so we can help you out.

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