I woke up before my alarm and when I turned it off it says “Data not collected, please plug in your LARK”. Why?

When you wake up before your alarm, Lark may still be in powersave mode. In that case, it won’t be connected to your iOS device. To get your sleep data, wake the Lark up by plugging it back into the dock, then "slide" to shut off the alarm. It will then reconnect to your iOS device and immediately upload your sleep data. (You need to be inside of the LARK UP app for the data to upload).   In the rare case your Lark runs out of battery during the night, your sleep data will be lost.

Tip: If you wake up before your alarm, plug in Lark into the dock to wake it up, and wait for Bluetooth to reestablish a connection before turning off your alarm. No more annoying message!
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    Arild Eugen Johansen

    Whether I wake up before the alarm, docks the LARK and switches off the alarm or it vibrates and I slides it off, it first says "connected" to LARK and then, you had less than 10 minutes sleep and nothing would show up in history. This has now happened 4 nights.

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    Hi Arild! We have a fix for that trouble - please log a support ticket for me and I'll be happy to help you get to the bottom of things, ok? 

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    Christopher Michael

    Hi Rhawnie,

    I have had the same issue with my Lark for the past week.  

    I just submitted a support ticket for the same issue.  

    Please help.  :)

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    Mike Roberts

    I've lost two days worth of data recently too.  My guess is that it's because of the battery.  If I only get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep, I'd get the data.  I think I had 8 hours of sleep one night and it was ok.  But then had about 9 hours of sleep last weekend and no data.  Then during the week back to about 6 hours of sleep and it was fine.  Then last night I had about 9 hours of sleep and no data.  My Lark seems to always have the red light on when in the cradle (it's always charging) and very rarely goes green anymore.  So I'm guessing the battery, even in low power mode, can't handle more than 8 hours away from the charger.  So then after 8 hours of low power mode, the battery fails and then the data disappears.  In fact, this morning is the first time i didn't feel the alarm go off.  I think it was so drained that it didn't even vibrate. 

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    Terrence Partsch

    I am having the same exact issue as Mike Roberts.  Is there a solution or tips for this?  My lark stays on the cradle when it's not on my wrist at night.  My cradle light never seems to go green anymore either.  My Lark is about 16 months old.  Is that the life of it?  

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    Mike Roberts

    I guess we got bad ones.  Mine started degrading about 9 or 10 months after I got it.  It was still working but would take a little longer to get the full charge.  Recently, it was acting like I mentioned in my post above.  By the time I asked for help, it wouldn't even last 5 hours out of the cradle.  It's a goner now.

    If you haven't already done so, create a ticket using the  Rhawnie was really nice and helpful.  After going through a bunch of suggestions, it was determined my lark was now bad.  Unfortunately it was outside the 1 year so I had to buy a new one.  These things should last longer than a year or at least have a changeable battery. 

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