How long does the battery last on a full charge?

Everyone's usage is different, so we generally recommend daily charging of the Lark for best results. For simplicity, the app does not display battery life percentages. However, the app will notify you if it detects that there is not enough battery life to make it through the night.

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    Mark Hancock

    Ok, i understand everything stated above, however the question was not really answered.  So let me clarify the question.  I just set the alarm while the lark was docked with the light green indicating a full charge(lark has not been taken off of the charger for days).  Now, lets say i set the alarm for 23 hours and 59 minutes from now.  Assuming the lark's battery will discharge before the 24 hours is up, how many hours until the battery does die?  I've wondered this myself but never dared to try it.  There have been times, after working 60 days straight(12 hour shifts) where I've been tired enough to want more than 8 hours sleep.  But I've never wanted to chance the battery dying .

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