I've just set an alarm -- what happens next?

After unplugging Lark from the charging dock, the wristband’s light will flash green. After a short while, the wristband's Bluetooth will disconnect (the LED light will stop flashing green) to conserve battery. As you rest, our sleep pattern sensor is activated to monitor your sleep. Moments before waking up, the wristband will automatically reconnect to your iOS device (the LED light will start flashing green again) and everything is ready to go when you wake up to the rolling vibration of the Lark. You can then choose to snooze or wake up.

If the LED light is no longer flashing green, you will need to wake Lark up by plugging it back into the stand. It will then reconnect to your iOS device. After this, you will see the flashing green light which signals that it is ready for you to make your alarm edits. If it is flashing orange, you may need to pair the lark again. Please see here for instructions.
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