Can I set my alarm to allow me to take naps?

Yes, you can set your alarm for shorter periods of time, and still enjoy the silent, gentle wakeup of Lark, as well as record your sleep data. However, we have not yet implemented a qualitative sleep algorithm (“You slept well/poorly/etc”) that is specific to naps, so the app may inform you that you slept too little. 
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    Nolan Chang

    I usually sleep from 1am to 6am, then get up due to making breakfast etc, then go back to sleep from 9am to 12 noon. I know this is not optimal, but in doing this am I able to set two different alarms and still have my sleep tracked in the 7 day assessment, or should I just set 1 alarm at 12 noon and just wear the wristband from the time I first fall asleep.

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    Chad Taylor

    Has a fix been implemented? 

    I am a polyphasic sleeper. I am in bed 10pm, awake by 4am.  And have my 20-minutes nap once or twice during the day.  

    Is Lark smart enough to track this type of schedule without messing up with the traditional monophasic schedules?

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    Chad W. Taylor

    Following up...

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    Hi Chad! 


    LARK is not presently designed for polyphasic sleepers, but more for someone who has one major sleep session per 24 hour period of time. While there is a possibility for future app or hardware implementations to allow for folks who would like to be able to combine several sleep sessions into one daily period, we don't yet offer that functionality. To be kept up to date on what we *do* have or what we're coming up with, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter by visiting! 


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