What does the vibration feel like?

With sleep experts, Lark developed a patent-pending type of vibration that feels like a little nudge, which has been tested to be extremely effective on all phases of sleep and very deep sleepers. We recommend that the wristband is comfortably snug, but can be worn looser if the vibration is too strong.
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    Brooklyn Walker

    I used LARK last night for the first time.  Although it claims to "discreetly wake me without waking my wife", when it started buzzing, the vibration reverberated all through our queen-sized box-spring mattress, SCARING THE CRAP out of my wife!!!

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    Hi Brooklyn! Thanks for the feedback! It's possible some troubleshooting could help you with your issue; we have thousands of couples successfully using LARK without waking their partners, so it may be you have a defective unit on your hands. If you'd like to look into it, you can log a trouble ticket here on our website, up in the top right hand corner. 

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    Cindy Moore

    Brooklyn , is it possible your arm was resting on your wife and as the alarm went off you then moved your arm away from her before you were awake? My husband is a very light sleeper, he has not noticed it yet. Using LARK for 5 nights.

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    Cindy Moore

    The vibration is a firm, deep sensation. There is a pattern to the vibrations - hard to describe. I can almost always fall back to sleep after any alarm. But LARK wakes me up completely (even when i feel very tired) and i dont go back to sleep. This is wonderful for me.

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