How do I set an alarm?

  1. First, plug your wristband into the charging dock. It should auto-connect to your iOS device (this is indicated by the Bluetooth icon changing from grey to solid white).
  2. Next, go into the LARK UP app. Your status should say "Lark is ready!".
  3. Tap the “Alarms” tab in the bottom left hand corner. Next, tap “Edit” in upper left corner, tap on the alarm and then set it as you would on the any standard alarm clock app and then press “Save” in upper right corner.
  4. Turn the alarm enable switch “on”. The notification bar will pop up to confirm that the alarm has been set.
  5. Finally, remove the wristband from the dock and put it on when you're ready to go to sleep.  

Tip: When you unplug the Lark from the dock, the LED light will be flashing green for a short period of time.  This allows you to make any last minute edit to your alarm setting.  Once it stops flashing, the Lark goes into powersave mode, and turns off the wireless connection.  To edit at this state, wake Lark up by plugging it into the stand. You can make your alarm edits while it is on the dock or by unplugging it while it is flashing green.  

You can also simply check out our alarms tutorial at any time - hit the Settings gear to head through this detailed alarm guide! 
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    Kati Decker

    I don't have a dock. And my ap doesn't have an "Alarms" tab. Is there another Lark Ap that I should be using instead of the Ap the wristband said I should be using?

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