How does the Lark silent alarm work?

You tell Lark when you need to wake up. In the morning, Lark will vibrate to soothingly nudge you awake, while your partner remains peacefully asleep.
Our Lark patent-pending vibration technology was designed with prominent sleep experts for a wake up that feels like you woke up yourself, naturally. Unlike regular jarring alarm clocks, Lark’s gentle vibrations reduce heart rate variability, stress levels, and blood pressure spikes, all of which are known to cause grogginess. In fact, research from Duke University Medical Center has shown that sudden activity kicks up blood pressure and stress hormones, giving a quick feeling of alertness and energy, but these adrenaline-producing tactics are short-lived. Once the mayhem of a jarring alarm clock is over, the body crashes. Lark's gentle vibrations truly allow you to wake your potential! 
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